Our Services

  1. Courseware Development and Production

The specific mandate and functions of ODeL in respect with the Courseware Development and Production are as follows:

  1. Create awareness and sensitize the university community on ODeL services;
  2. Develop human capacity for courseware development and production through training and mentorship;
  3. Offer leadership, training and support to staff, tutors and students in integration of digital technologies in teaching and learning;
  4. Facilitate the development and production of courseware in print and digital versions;
  5. Facilitate the uploading and maintenance of the courseware on the Learning Management System for online delivery;
  6. Create and maintain a database of all courseware developed in collaboration with Schools and Faculties;   
  7. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of courseware development and production;
  8. Ensure quality in courseware development and production.

Process of Courseware development and production



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Training students and faculties on LMS Usage (eclass)