Learner Support Services


As a student undertaking your studies on the ODeL mode of study, you will need information on how to relate to the institution and understand its operations. You will also need information on how to contact tutors to help maintain motivation and overcome learning problems. You also need good study techniques and advice on how to study. An important requirement to overcome the feeling of isolation and gain a sense of belonging is learner support services. The support you will receive include; tutorial support, administrative support, counselling support, library support, technical support, orientation services and pre-admission to post graduation services.

Administrative Support

As an ODeL student you will be offered administrative support by administrators either at the regional learning centres or at the departmental offices.  The administrative support include but is not limited to:

  • Administrative support in line with faculty, school or departmental needs
  • Admission support
  • Online course registration
  • Biometric registration
  • Online student registration, billing and payment system

Tutorial support

All students undertaking studies under ODeL will be offered tutorial support to undertake their studies. The tutorial support will be offered during the introduction, continuation and revision tuition sessions.  Tutorial support will also be offered throughout your period of study on the online learning platform.  The tutorial support is offered by course tutors and will vary depending on the course under study.  Tutorial support will be in two forms:

  • e-Tutoring: This will entail the support offered for the delivery of teaching and learning online via the internet either on the LMS or other media.  The purpose of e-Tutoring is to support and enable you learn online effectively.
  • Face-to-Face tutoring: This involves face-to-face contact sessions between you and the tutor. Face to face tutorial sessions as the name suggests means you will meet with tutors in at designated venues and at specific times.

Note:You will be required to contact your department and tutors when the tutorial sessions will be taking place.

Counselling Support

Counselling support is provided for ODeL students on matters such as on academic and psychosocial issues. The choice of where to seek counselling support is dependent of the nature of the counselling issue.  The counselling services offered at the University are can be accessed through the office of the dean of students. Your tutors will also be able to offer you academic counselling.

Library support

ODeL students will have access to the University of Nairobi Online Library Services. The orientation is conducted at the regional learning centre, Learning centre of at the Faculty/School/Department during the orientation/introduction session. The orientation dates will be communicated to you prior to the session. The orientation helps you to familiarize yourself with the distance learning environment and outlines key behaviours of successful distance learning students.  In subsequent semesters, your will be required attend an orientation session that will detail semester requirements as well as address any issues that may have arisen in the course of your studies.

The library support is available viahttp://uonlibrary.uonbi.ac.ke/ . The online library will guide you on the following areas:


The University of Nairobi library has links with information on the following areas to guide your research work.

  • Referencing and Citation
  • Copyright & Plagiarism
  • Subject Guides
  • E-Theses
  • Open Access Resources


The University of Nairobi library has links with on the following resources at your disposal.

  • Online Catalogue
  • Digital Repository
  • Electronic Books
  • Electronic Journals
  • EBSCO Discovery


The library offers the following services.

  • Remote Access
  • Disability Services
  • Short Courses
  • Library Liaisons

Note : The library web page has  a help section detailing help on publishing, graduate students, access to books in print Data base as well as How-To-Videos

In addition to the e-library you can access the college libraries and other resources available University of Nairobi campuses and the regional learning center. 

The web page for the library is shown Figure 2:

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Figure 2: The University of Nairobi Library Webpage

Technical support

In order for you to successfully undertake your studies you will be expected to use the online services available for ODeL students including the e-library and the eLearning platform.  As a learner you will be expected to access the Learning Management System among others. The LMS enables you to Log In, access course resources and submit assignments. The portal is designed to enrich your learning experience. In the event of any difficulties you should seek help from the e-Learning support team via the email: lst@uonbi.ac.ke.

In addition to the LMS you will be supported to access the university web portal. This support is offered to help you be able to navigate the web portal of the university. The portalenables you to perform a number of activities on the student web portal like fee payment, checking fee balance and access to e-resources.

Pre-admission to post graduation Services

ODeL campus also offers pre and post-graduation support services to all students registered under the ODeL mode of study.  Before you are admitted ODeL campus though our call center helps you with the application process. Application support is the support given to learners when applying to the university so that they can be considered for admission into various programmes offered by the university. Registration for programme support is usually given once the you have been admitted in the university.