Funding Opportunities No. 4 (2021)

Funding Opportunities No. 4 (2021)


Dear University Community,


The following new funding opportunities have been added to the Grants and Opportunities Portal.  Please contact our office if you need any assistance in preparation of your proposals.  Also note that some of the opportunities have very tight deadlines.


Opportunities are available for:


1.      Research and Innovation Grants

2.      Fellowships and Scholarships

3.      Awards and Prizes

4.      Research Symposium

5.      Grant for exchange studies


1. Research/Innovation Grants


No.    Grant                                               Area of Study                  Funding Agency                 Deadline

1.       Ford Foundation Grants             Multi-Disciplinary                Ford Foundation                   Rolling Basis

      Ford Foundation accepts grant

      applications on a rolling basis

      that address their core theme of     

      Challenging Inequality

      They believe in the inherent dignity

      of all people. Yet around the world,

      billions of people are excluded

       from full participation in the

     political, economic, and cultural

      systems that shape their lives.



Fellowships and Scholarships

 2.    Master’s in Mathematical Sciences Scholarship

        The AIMS Structured Master’s                Mathematics              Africa Institute of              March 31, 2021

         Program runs over three semesters.                                       Mathematical

        The requisite skills phase of the                                                Sciences

        AIMS course builds a standard

        core set of problem-solving

        skills: estimation, computation,

        approximation, modelling, data

        analysis and statistics.

       The elective review phase allows

       students to apply these skills

        in some of the most exciting

         areas of science.


3.       Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme

          The Mark Wainberg Fellowship             Health Sciences        IAS Education Fund        March 7, 2021

          Programme, an initiative of the 

          IAS Educational Fund, is aimed

          at contributing to improving the

         quality of HIV service delivery

         in resource-limited settings by

         providing two-year fellowships to

        clinicians from sub-Saharan

        Africa, who will spend one year

        in Europe and one year in Africa

         at clinical institutions.

        The programme will offer

        in-depth training for clinicians

       committed to careers in HIV

       clinical service delivery in

        sub-Saharan Africa with the

      aim of strengthening access to

      high-quality services for

      sub-Saharan Africa populations,

     with a client-centred service

     delivery approach.




4.       International Climate Protection Fellowship


Apply here:                                                       Climate change/        International Climate       March 1, 2021

                                                                         Environment/             Initiative of the

                                                                         Earth Sciences         Federal Ministry for

                                                                                                           the Environment,

                                                                                                           Nature Conservation

                                                                                                           and Nuclear Safety




5.       PhD position and MA and/or MSc position in the broad field of climate change adaptation

          WITS-GCI, UFH-RAVAC &                   Climate change/       University of Wits –          February 28, 2021

          KZN ADVERT POST-GRADS              /Environment            Johannesburg

          2021                                                       /Earth Sciences

          Project: “Unlocking the Locked”:

          moving to more engaged, inclusive,

          and generative approaches to

         climate change adaptation

          in South Africa.

         Heidi Robertson


Global Change Institute


T  +27 11 717 6080




6.       Einstein PhD Fellowship

         Apply:                                                     Multi-Disciplinary      Einstein Forum                May 15, 2021

                                                                                                           and the Daimler and

                                                                                                           Benz Foundation

Awards and Prizes


7.       UN Global Climate Action Awards

          Apply:                                                     The 2021 UN Global  United Nations                April 30, 2021

                                                                         Climate Action

                                                                         Awards will

                                                                         recognize climate

                                                                         action that is already

                                                                         achieving real and

                                                                         tangible results in

                                                                         three categories:

1.   Climate Neutral Now: recognizing efforts by individuals, companies and governments that are achieving real results in transitioning to climate neutrality.

2.   Financing for Climate Friendly Investment: recognizing successful financial innovations for adaptation and climate mitigation.

3.   Climate Leaders: recognizing transformational efforts by governments at any level (national, provincial, state, city, town) that are moving the needle on climate change.

Research Symposium


8.       Invitation to a Virtual Symposium on Enhancing knowledge Transfer and Exchange in African HE and Research

            The symposium programme will comprise of keynote lectures from European and African Industry and Higher Education representatives as well as interactive breakout rooms aligned to the themes of ARUA’s 13 Centres of Excellence.

To register your attendances please click here.


February 24, 2021

Grant for exchange studies

9.        Erasmus+ grant for exchange             · Students exchange UniversityCEU                May 31, 2021

           studies with the University                   programme                cardenal Herrera

           CEU Cardenal Herrera                        · Staff training and

                                                                        teaching activities                                                                      

                                                                        For more information,  







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